New Survey Shows Strong Support for Nuclear Energy

Americans want clean, affordable, domestically produced energy; 76% think more needs to be done to ensure future electricity supply
News Release:May 2, 2006 (11:00 am)

Washington, DC –

The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition today released a new national public opinion poll that shows strong support among Americans for nuclear energy and reveals a dearth of knowledge among many that currently shapes opinion. The poll conducted April 3-5, 2006, by Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, among 810 registered voters has a ±3.44 margin of error.

“I am convinced that as people learn more about nuclear energy, they will come to share my certainty that increasing America’s supply of nuclear energy makes sense from an environmental and an economic standpoint,” said CASEnergy Co-Chair and former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman.

“There is a need for education to inform people that nuclear energy enhances security and, as the only major electricity source that does not emit greenhouse gases, protects the environment,” said Dr. Patrick Moore, CASEnergy co-chair and co-founder and former leader of Greenpeace. “That’s why the CASEnergy Coalition was founded.”

The new polling data reveals several key findings.

Americans see a clear need for electricity production solutions that focus on affordability, energy independence and protecting the environment. According to the poll, seventy-six percent of Americans do not believe enough is being done to increase affordable electricity supplies for the future (See Chart 1). In addition, sixty-nine percent do not believe enough is being done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution associated with electricity production Nuclear energy is well positioned to help meet that need.

“The survey shows that when given the facts that nuclear power is a clean, affordable and domestically produced energy source, support grows substantially,” said David Ginsberg, Director of Political Operations for Penn, Schoen, and Berland. “With just a little bit of new information, people become extremely favorable to using nuclear energy and believe it should play a much larger role in our nation’s electricity grid.”

At the beginning of the survey, nuclear energy has a solid 59-35 favorability rating – second strongest among major sources of electricity.

After just a brief amount of education, nuclear energy’s favorability rating increased, with 73 percent of respondents very favorable or somewhat favorable to it (See Chart 2). Furthermore, upon hearing simple facts, nearly half (48 percent) of respondents said that United States should rely heavily on nuclear energy, giving it either a seven, eight or nine on a nine-point scale when asked to rate how much the country should rely on nuclear energy as a source of electricity.

Nuclear energy’s attributes – protecting the environment and enhancing America’s energy security – address people’s concerns about electricity production in the future. Support for nuclear energy grew 40 percent after people learned that nuclear plants emit zero greenhouse gases or controlled air pollutants.

“These findings clearly indicate there is a need to educate and raise awareness about nuclear energy as a clean, safe, affordable and reliable supply of electricity for America,” said Whitman. “The Clean and Safe Energy Coalition is committed to fulfilling that mission.”

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Tom Konrad CFA

I sold my position in Exide Technologies (NASD:XIDE)
on April 25th after the company was
forced to shut down its Vernon secondary lead recycling facility
by the California Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC.)  In
addition to the known arsenic furnace emissions, the DTSC cited
the facility’s underground storm water system as
not being in compliance with CA requirements.

When I last
wrote about Exide, I felt that the problems at the Vernon
facility were not as bad as most investors thought.  This
forced shut-down, however, seems like it could be the proverbial
straw which broke the camel’s back.  With the company’s
liquidity already tight, the lack of revenues from the Vernon
facility (in conjunction with the ongoing employee expenses and
the expenses of fixing any problems) could rapidly mount.

On the other hand, they might be able to fix the problems in a
few days, with minimal impact to revenue or cash flow.
Nevertheless, given the company’s existing difficulties, I
feel that the downside risks for shareholders outweigh the
possible gains from a quick resolution.

Only time will tell if this turns out to be a good move on my
part.  Here are a few other factors behind my decision to
consider when you make your own decisions:

  • Management is already under pressure to improve margins and
    cash flow, as well as negotiate with possible lenders the
    refinance debt.  Can they afford the additional distraction
    at Vernon?  Would the problems at Vernon have gotten this
    bad if management had been giving them the attention they
  • Even if Vernon can be reopened promptly, this episode has made
    Lazard’s job of restructuring Exide’s debt harder.  Exide
    needs to restructure its debt or sell significant assets if it
    is to return to a long term sustainable footing.

Given the company’s long term problems, my decision really was,
“Should I sell today, or wait until the company’s next conference
call, in the hope that some good news allows me to get out at a
slightly better price?”

In the end, I decided not to wait, but I admit I don’t have a
high degree of confidence it was the right decision.  We’ll
probably know in a few weeks.


In the week and a half since this was first published, Exide’s
2018 notes have dropped to 65 cents on the dollar, and Exide’s
stock has fallen from $1.03 when I sold it to $0.75 at the close
on May 3rd. So far. getting out looks like a wise, if belated,

Disclosure: No position in XIDE.

This article was first

published on the author’s blog, Green Stocks
on April 25th.

DISCLAIMER: Past performance
is not a guarantee or a reliable indicator of future
results.  This article contains the current opinions of the
author and such opinions are subject to change without
notice.  This article has been distributed for
informational purposes only. Forecasts, estimates, and certain
information contained herein should not be considered as
investment advice or a recommendation of any particular
security, strategy or investment product.  Information
contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be
reliable, but not guaranteed.

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All Construction Debris Can Be Recycled Even Accoustic Ceilings Solar Energy Learning What Is Solar Energy And Its Advantages

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Overview Of Geothermal Energy

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010   Subscribe To Our Feed

Yesterday, Julia, my little step-sister came to me and showed me that her science teacher told them that carpet could be recycled.

– No it is not recyclable, was my answer. It could be possible to reuse it, but surely not possible to be recycled.

As she didn’t stop arguing with me and even said that those carpet recyclers had their own association in U.S.A.. I decided to go online and searched for it. As it appear, the little girl was incredibly right. I learned about a carpet recyclers association. Also there was also a construction waste recycler in my area that handle such items. I found about Recymobilier and Recyconstruction in my sector : they take care of recycling a variety of  appliances, furniture, electronic material and construction waste. I spoke to an environment specialist, Andre, and he was showing to me about all the things that are possible to recycle as of now.

– Carpet is taken for the plastic it contains, it could either end up as a new carpet or anything else made with plastic.
– Wood debris are shipped to an electrical factory, they use it to generate power. It is a smoke-free combustion process that do no impact on climate changes.
– Drywall are passed through some machines and shredded, paper as well as paint are removed, and the remaining gypsum can serve in agriculture or serve to build new drywall.

And the same happens for each variety of material. It is incredibly great to realize that we are standing there. To people expecting to make money by selling their old sofa or drywall, I would like to add that there are fees to recycle that type of material.

– We were only in the business of e-waste recycling a while ago. It changed, since at one point we were exclusively recycling the items that we were getting because it was not worth to resell it,  we started to charge a recycling fee to some items that cost more to recycle than to toss away. Since we realized that most people want to make a difference to the environment and were were OK with paying a small charge to help with the handling of the material, we decided it was time to add extra recycling services that couldn’t be sustainable by their content to give an alternative choice to landfill.

– Fortunately, the service received a tremendous feedback, as it came to life right in the middle of all green movements, residential or commercial. Industries and building owners are getting more aware of the green movement, reason why more and more building managers are competing to become LEED certified.

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