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Sunday, December 21st, 2008   Subscribe To Our Feed

If you have dreamed of being completely self sufficient, than incorporating solar electric power into your home is probably something you have considered. My advice is that if you are truly looking into using solar electric power, then you probably are going to want to build a new home.

Why Build A New Home To Use Solar Electric Power?

There are several reasons that you are going to want to do it this way. But first, I would not suggest and going out and buying a home solely for the purpose of using solar electric power. While home solar energy is very eco friendly, it as eco unfriendly as constructing and entire new home can be. If you are however looking to move, than this is a perfect time to use solar electric power in your new home.

Adding solar electric power to an old home can be done, but there are several reasons why it is not as good an idea. The first is that in a new home you will have all new appliances and windows. These can be the biggest things to suck energy out of a system in older homes. Before adding solar electric power to an old home you will have to go and update all of those systems.

Next is the insulation factor. Insulation of today is much more efficient and can be easily put into a new home. Adding and updating this in an old home is very costly and may ultimately not even be effective. Many older homes are not designed to be heated efficiently and as such you will have a difficult time trying to make them energy friendly.

On top of that, an older home may not be situated on a good lot to add solar panels. There is not anything you can do if your yard sits in the shade all day that is going to make adding solar electric power a good idea. In addition if you purchase a new home perhaps you can get one near running water and add in hydro power as well. Hydro does a great job of supplementing solar electric power because on rainy days the hydro power will generate more energy, while on sunny days the solar power will.

As you can see there are many reasons to look at putting solar electric power in a new home as opposed to your current one. Hopefully this has helped you make a decision as to what you want to do.

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