About Phyllis Krug

Who am I?

I have been practicing physical therapy for over 30 years. I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Masters in Science and Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy from Columbia University.  I am a Board Certified Cardiopulmonary Specialist with extensive experience in nocturnal ventilators, neuromuscular and respiratory diseases. Through my years of practice I studied and explored many whole body therapies that progressed from hands on to light touch to working through the energetic field or biofield with thought and consciousness.  My clientele include patients with chronic pain, side effects of chemotherapy, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndromes, bed wetting, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, emotional stress and depression.

I have been working with various energetic therapeutic interventions for decades and  have spent so much time trying to prove and document the effectiveness of biofield therapies.  I would like to take pause and talk to you from my heart what I feel is going on when I am working.  The biofield extends from our most inner insides to include the energetic field that surrounds us, our families, our communities to the outer reaches of the galaxies. This field, much like dna, holds information.  Just like DNA hold information from our parents, which hold information from their parents and on and on… the DNA essentially holds information back to the beginning of time. All the information, that which we know and that which we don’t know is in the biofield. Subtle energies  are the non-measureable energies that make up this field and is the fabric in which our existence takes form.  Blocks, distortion, imbalances in these fields can translate into dysfunction in our mind and body.  Through the history of time, healers have worked with these imbalances allowing for healing. Every discipline offers perspectives that are unique and distinct to the healing process.  From my training through the Upledger Institute, Integrative Manual Therapies and Energy Mirrors I have consolidated several perspective that I would like to share and make available.

If we see ourselves as made of electromagnetic charges, a charged environment will draw more charges to the area and create a field or a pattern that can become entrenched. Stuck entrenched patterns can show themselves as stuck behaviors, stuck pain patterns, stuck emotional states..things that just repeat themselves over and over again.  Being in a neutral state would indicate no charges or a healing environment.   Like a plant grows when it sits in good healthy soil with sunlight and water, so too, we thrive when we are in an ideal environment. We are already familiar with the importance of good nutrition and exercise. But we need to become more sensitive to know if we are in the best environment for our healing and well being. How do we know?

We need to pay attention to the Field, to get the answers. We get information all the time, but we simply don’t pay attention. Let’s try some examples. Let’s say, for example that you are a  reasonably well balanced, loving, kind individual. All your friends would agree that you are A-OK! Except for that one individual that can walk into your house and just get under your skin. They can say “hmmmmmmmmm, your counters seem quite sticky, do you like it that way?” and you are off to the races. You can call your friends to tell them what happened and they will confirm that you are wonderful, and that person is horrible. Hmmmmm..why is this story happening at all? What if there is something that needs to shift  in your field. What if everything is not okay. What if something is off and The Field is trying to get you to shift. Let me go one more step “out there”. What if your life is perfect, but the world needs  you to open your heart just a little bit more. What if… this is a missed opportunity to say…”actually, I like it this way…or actually, I wouldn’t mind a little help:  the idea is  to open our hearts that little bit to allow for someone  or something that doesn’t quite perfectly fit our requirements.  The pause to allow something a little uncomfortable to just be… can allow us to shift and begin a healing process.

If we find ourselves agitating, angry, easily provoked, we could be carrying charges in our field that need to be cleared. 

I can offer two perspectives critical in beginning the healing process:

1)Being in the now… being present…is a perspective written by Ekhart Tolle that describes our chronic stuck states when we worry about tomorrow or regurgitate the events of yesterday. The willingness to be in the now is the process of engaging the present moment and not allowing thoughts to drift to the past or future. For example, it is easy to envision a mom preparing dinner, pealing a carrot, worrying about an upcoming meeting or a bothersome relationship. The reality is that the  only thing that exists for the that moment is her and the carrot.  Her choice to indulge in the sensation of the carrot, the texture, the smell brings her into the present moment that is the perfect healng environment. Another example: when driving the car we can spend our time with repetitive thoughts and worries of tomorrow or yesterday or choose to experience the now. Feel your sit bones against the seat, bring your awareness to the sensations in the car, make note of all the images around you, notice the face of the person in the car next to you..bringing yourself into the moment grounds you in the present and creates a healing environment.

2) The eternal tantrum… Being with what is not ok is perfection. We allow for the experience. Allow for the process. Allow for growth.  What does this mean? We all have had the pleasure of the toddler tantrum. In the store, the home, anywhere. We also know the golden rule. #1  Do not give the child the ice cream they are screaming about and #2 Do not slap the child up either… so what is the solution? Door #3… sit quietly next to the child. Tell them you love them but really don’t care for the screaming and carrying on. Tell them you are going to sit here and just be until this is all over and we can carry on.  The willingness to just be with what is not ok is perfection  It is the place the child needs you to be …and for some reason..where you were meant to be. The tantrum will be over.  In life we are constantly presented with situations that are bothersome or difficult. Situation over which we have no control. We can fight. We can scream. Or we can allow and just breathe  with the awareness that we were meant to experience this moment. Sometimes the willingness to allow  is all that is needed to begin the healing process.

The Energetic Dialogue is about

1)    Awareness that we get messages all the time

2)    That without words we can know what is harmonious or not harmonious for us

3)    Knowing that all of life connects. It connects through all of time.

4)    If we are in a reactive state, we feed the imbalance, we entrench ourselves in stuck patterns and distance ourselves from true healing

5)    Allowing ourselves to move into a quiet state, a state of being in the now, a state of meditation allows for a healing environment, allows for neutralizing charges that extend far beyond our conscious levels of awareness

6)    Actually communicating with the field to access information about our stuck states to find its location and to use quiet breathing, working at interface to neutralize the charged locations and allow for healing.

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